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"What is Planted in the Heart Takes Root in the Soul"
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The glossy foliage on this popular houseplant burst with colors of red, yellow, pink, rust and orange.  Crotons are relatively easy to make happy.  Since they like sunlight, place this plant 3-5 feet of an east or west-facing window. Be sure to keep an eye on the leaves.  If the plant does not get enough sunlight, the leaves lose their color.  Water thoroughly with lukewarm water making sure not to over-water.  If the leaves start to wilt, then you know it is getting too much water.   Leaves sloping downward and falling off mean the plant is not getting enough water.  Less water is needed during the winter months.  Mist your croton once or twice a week and feed with a good fertilizer every three weeks during its growing season.  Also it likes 60 - 80 degree temps - not too hot and not too cold.  Please be aware that this plant releases a white sap when punctured which may irritate the skin and be toxic for some animals.   

What is planted in the heart takes root in the soul.  Happy Planting!  

Diane & Gina